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today's news and the stories that shape the week on our t.v. the f.b.i. reportedly gets a russian wiretap but one of the alleged boston terrorist holds jihad look at why the u.s. might have dropped the ball in russia's warnings two years ago. the u.s. and britain signed evidence of the syrian government using chemical weapons amid accusations the rhetoric songs all too familiar with the what preceded western intervention in iraq. no jobs no hope new grim figures a problem violence in spain while the e.u. why despair leaves iceland cool on joining the struggling union. and one hundred one tunnel prisoners are now on hunger strike the official number more than doubling since the military trying to break the month long protest by
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force. at six pm here in the russian capital you live with us on archie with the weekly with me to be on with the russia has reportedly given the f.b.i. the tape of a phone call between one of the boston bombing suspects mother where they discuss jihad soldier have been secretly recorded in twenty eleven the year russia wants the u.s. someone to one of the son i have brothers radical religious views on you as though found nothing suspicious after making checks. to get on why the f.b.i. might have failed to take proper action. in the wake of the boston bombings it's the f.b.i. now bombarded with questions how could they let the alleged boston bomber tamerlan sort of go off the radar after they've been warned about him multiple times over
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the last two years russia want not only the f.b.i. about tamerlan son i have did they drop the ball the f.b.i. . dropped the ball his no question they dropped the ball here there's no doubt about it she was on the radar and they let him go he's on the russians radar and why wasn't he a flannery we don't want him or the russians right and did the united states nor their warnings disrespect repeated warnings from our lawns are now i have someone you tube page full of radical content friends driving a car with a license plate that reads their own east the number one all of this wasn't missed it's possible that they were too down by some preconception of who would be a possible jihadi that they were not able to see something in front of them maybe they were thinking well if these guys are chechen you know they hate the russians they don't hate us politics may have been the reason why u.s. authorities failed to connect the dots on tom along and i have another.
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between moscow and warship devalued the russian report something that the russian president says has to be fixed if we truly undertake a joint effort we will not suffer these blows and take such losses if one more possible the us authorities politicized the intelligence given the fact that russia's concerns had been ignored before you yes ahmad of the white head of the internationally recognized chechen terrorists on the bus science was given asylum and now lives in boston. who rushes accuse of heinous crimes against innocent people is still seen in the us as a chechen freedom fighter the odd part of this if anything we've been i'm not going to say sympathetic with them but we've certainly been critical of and how far he's gone in dealing with. so if anything they should know they shouldn't have this anger at the united states many ask whether tom or lon may have learned about bomb making on his trip to russia but the answer could be much closer to home according
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to a senior government official quote they got their instructions on how to make from the internet is newsworthy to know nobody has to travel anywhere or get any specific in person training from some expert somewhere in order to access instructions for making explosives when joe hearts are not i if woke up this week he reportedly told the authorities that he and his brother were motivated by a desire to defend islam because of the wars in iraq and afghanistan many terrorists have tried to politicize their heinous acts but that doesn't change the fact that there are heartless killings when federal authorities look at any intel on a potential extremist from a political rather than purely law enforcement point of view that could be a recipe for future disasters in washington i'm going to check on. the costs and i have a confession that the boston attacks were motivated by america's action in the muslim world they were ignited debate about us pussy's abroad the attitude of and toward
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a comedy getting involved in foreign conflicts has increased the terrorist threat at home. the fact that they cite us foreign policy as a motivator in fact in their attack shouldn't really surprising every attack that wasn't an f.b.i. hatched sting operation since nine eleven has had that component all of these terrorists that want to attack the united states and commit heinous violence on us have in their mind some motivation of u.s. foreign policy u.s. aggression in the middle east you know in a rock in afghanistan and pakistan and yemen the israel palestine conflict and on and on and on a lot of what obama has done in terms of trying to be less aggressive towards the muslim world to simply make his secret the bush administration is quite open obama has chosen to make all of this covert he's the drone war which is a secret war that nobody will admit to in pakistan or in yemen and somalia
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a lot of this is still going on and he's still generating fierce hatred from a lot of people who resent u.s. aggression the mother of the boston marathon bombing suspect is added to that old terrorism database eighteen months before the attack american officials revealed that detail after she accused police of magic ring her eldest son. but you can see . he was like why he. might think oh well you know may. come find out how she bases her accusations on inconsistency even the authorities that count in the manhunt for the semi brothers. britain and the u.s. has said this week there's growing evidence that the syrian government has used chemical weapons the u.s. had warned that the use of such arms crosses a red line israel's already called for intervention but the u.n.
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said the assertions did not meet its scent of proof while experts say witness accounts don't tally with effects of the weapons historian gerald horne says we've seen this kind of rhetoric before it's deja vu all over again we will remember the disaster as an adventurous u.s. and british invasion of iraq in two thousand and three based on allegations of weapons of mass destruction that proved to be faulty therefore we must have serious difficult and searching questions for example what was the chain of custody with regard to the samples taken from the battlefield of syria to leopard stories of london and in washington was there or was there the possibility of contamination or foul play or hanky panky with the samples and how can you show that the regime rather than the rebels actually alleged chemical weapons and since we already know that security is divisions within the military is driving the conflict in both
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syria and iraq how do we know that someone against soldier in the cemetery was actually collaborating to watch these chemical weapons so as to provide a rationale for intervention by london and washington these are difficult questions that must be answered. native syrians are not the only fighters battling against president assad they use antiterrorist sheaves as one that europeans are into syria to join the rebels could pose a threat back home after they returned we're going bad you're a bad if young muslims ok get in touch with islamist factions among the opposition that's a city of reports. syria's two year old conflict is over to see the spillover some neighboring countries but now it is extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the rebels in syria bashar al assad international service study of radicalisation put
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the tall figure at six hundred. full hearing down to bill should the media coverage on the radicalization of young people who has recently forced want specific story that of the father in search of the son dimitri wanted some of what i've read it is what this group had gone syria to fight father god although we think hoping to bring this about. planes are flying overhead all the time when we are on the streets or inside a building we have a bomb dropped on us by having to you we shoot him he's here in applying we spoke with dimitris lawyer who's in constant contact with him and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son. we don't expect that he will send me to syria i think that's that's clear so that's what we'll also why didn't he. was eager to go yourself he said i want to do something for myself a son who started changing about three years
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a problem with to us that certain moment he was influenced by some radical list. girlfriend and he didn't he didn't work out and there were some friends he say ok come with us and very slowly started it he was really influenced and really. great to us we grew beards and. started wearing other clothes preaching for every five times a day this ruby you had come into contact with is sure real for belgium a radical islam is a group whose leader followed by a some have been arrested for hate speech and calls justifying the use of violence over there is judgement day if you're if you're a muslim you will go to paradise if you're this believer he only will go to hell terrorism expert club many cases the rise of radicalized is alarming many of whom are easy prey the first question is why they convert. and usually they
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don't convert because due to make they convert because of a problem at one moment in their life most of them have no clear political ideas and they go to fight because the fact if they were they don't meet its mission to convince them. they could be in a sect because the trapped in the net of people who have just talked writing them and for the convincing them that to be goodness no one can say you have to sign off to commit another terrorist attack. authorities are paying even closer attention with alert levels heightened while worried family members of some the youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they could do short of going to syria themselves although that may not be completely out of question to source ilya r.t. antwerp in belgium. the euro zone's has had another troubled week with protests
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taking place in several crisis hit countries in spain almost thirty people were injured in clashes with police when over of power protesters voiced their anger over a new record high unemployment figures the jobless rate is now at twenty seven percent and protests will also held in greece and portugal but this can send a comes as official polls show that trust in the e.u. institutions has reached an all time low the leader of the u.k. independence party told us that anyone with money invested in the single currency zone is now at risk. big investors should be worried all over the euro zone particular southern euro zone i mean i have been pondering for years you know what would happen when spain finally went back how would they possibly will the sheer scale of the bailout that would be needed which perhaps would be five or six hundred billion euros how could this happen without huge american support or global help because what cyprus has done is give us the template or what they will do in
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future is they won't buy all countries out there bell the men and they'll do it by stealing investors' money by taxing people on their properties and by forcing central banks into selling their holdings i mean this is a truly a dollar shing situation so my advice to people is if you own property if you've got money in bank accounts in the eurozone get your money out before they come off to you because it's perfectly clear that is their plan heading on from here it's quite extraordinary that put into one of these countries that are in trouble with the euro zone they've effectively given up parliamentary democracy and handed it over to a very arrogant troika ultimately the eurozone is going to break up it may not be the economics the break it up it may be civil disobedience or violence or very large scale that eventually get sorted out a train in countries out and after that the big question then is well what is the european union for. with these financial crisis still running hard to iceland's getting cold feet over joy name when we come back reports on the island nation the
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bones back but who is right is trying to decide if the euro skeptic. ski theatre i'm a sad going to be obese money in stevia to two which is both a cultural contemporary i don't tell you logic to serve the auditoriums so join me to almost say on our t m a the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the performing arts grind here at marine stevia to team.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back you're watching our team now the number of hunger striking guantanamo detainees has not been acknowledged by just one hundred this week now that figure has doubled since the military conducted a violent draped in. the facility forcefully moving inmates refusing food to single men cells and imposing
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a lockdown two weeks ago now that number is still follow was that some of the detainees attorneys actually claim now they believe as many as one hundred thirty people are taking place in this protest the protest protesters are protesting against mistreatment and indefinite detention and have been refusing food for almost three months now let's take a look at figures one hundred sixty six detainees are unofficial from the attorneys themselves or as officials say that it's only one hundred detainees who are actually on strike now out of those one hundred twenty percent of those are twenty of them really are force fed and only five percent of them are in hospital officials say about two they model under any kind of odd life threatening conditions how well not everybody agrees clive stafford smith who's actually able several of these detainees shared with us some although the example of the mistreatment that could lead and could prompt others to join the protests when
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a prisoner doesn't exactly what they're told the six being dressed up you notice if they're in darth vader outfits come and basically be to not to make them do that pendant to the floor and check it describes how this one guy who is three hundred pounds in the sun and sometimes knees in the stomach and i've seen the bruises on him from this process every time i'm there and this comes up five right to the admiral in charge of the general in charge i've never yet got a reply from him i'm in the best one can do is complain loudly and tell him well when you get out what you see this shames because unfortunately the federal judge. for all charge of the cases through just last week that he has no jurisdiction to avoid the military to behave better under the circumstances. later today we hear from clive stafford smith a lawyer for fifteen guantanamo detainees including the last remaining british
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citizen it's also available online at r.t. dot com. iceland is drifting away from the e.u. a us skeptic opposition parties won most votes in a parliamentary election this week that's now expected to form a ruling coalition the opposition's victory is likely to put an end on iceland's assertion with the european union it had been the desperate to join in the aftermath of its financial collapse but enthusiasm has since waned raised a vicar is widely seen as a test spoke example of a recovery the editor of popular economy dot com says i fled has nothing to gain from e.u. membership i believe it's because they are joining the euro and i believe that's what the icelanders are voting for now is not to get into the euro which is which the socialists were doing they were to go shooting that with some sticking points but i think the icelanders just said they don't want to join the euro they're quite fine with their own right now they get almost all the benefits of belonging to the
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european union i think they belong to their trade already there their trade you again so they have all those benefits and they keep their own currency i would say that their main problem is. that they need to keep their own currency to recover just as all that is doing now in. canada's prime into coin it is now with the new digital dollar online to the details of how the government is considering topping up straight couples but slapping a tax some coins to rub it in. and the presidential perks former french leader nicolas a cozy send barack obama lavish gives a with forty thousand dollars including a designer gold bag and crystal laughs find out what other goodies made it to the white house and our teacher.
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today violence is once again. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. during operation. nato supreme allied commander in europe has called members contributions to the alliances defense being unbalanced and accuse the e.u. of getting a free ride at washington's expense is not the first to sound the alarm over europe shrinking military spending let's see how that trend has affected nato so far together a peon nations have slashed its these a forty five billion dollars equivalent to germany's in time military budget these cuts have led to military personnel in european made to states declining more than twenty five percent since the turn of the century natal survival now depends almost
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entirely on the us which makes up almost seventy five percent of the actual budget rate grows often activists from stop made to international says u.s. contributions to the alliance are remains of buying influence. the fact that the us is paying seventy five percent of the expenses of nato is not so surprising that. the us purchased you know the book a loyal these are countries and the condition of our economic destitution and i think of it certainly those in the eastern europe after the quiet of the socialist what call twelve new members of nato in the post cold war period all incorporated into nato within one decade from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand. and these are countries that have been forced to send troops to an act of war zone the individual armed forces of each nato major going to become less and less mass more and more and more international more and more subservient to brussels and ultimately to washington and more designing for expeditionary ventures abroad such
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as those in libya or afghanistan in the indian ocean in the mediterranean sea in the balkans and so forth to protect their own lands. a quick look at some of sunday's the world's news an apartment block has collapsed in old function leaving at least two people dead nine others when injured when a suspected gas leak exploded at the four story building rescue teams have been deployed to try to retrieve two bodies from under the rubble of the destroyed the complex. two police officers have been shot dead outside they tell you and prime min is off is iraq came as and recall letter and his cabinet were being sworn in at the president's palace interior minister called incident quote a tragic criminal gesture by an unemployed man after the attack i was arrested it's a they've picked a democrat let's only this week which put an end to a two month political stalemate. hundreds of protesters have
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marched outside a royal air force base in britain up to its top to operate an unmanned aerial vehicles in afghanistan activists and demanding an immediate end to the program because of the high number of civilian deaths linked to drone attacks the ministry of defense was that the first unbend overseas flight was recently directed from britain to measure that said to be mostly for surveillance but equipped with on board weapons. two explosions rocked pakistan on sunday in a surge of violence linked to the may eleventh general election one blotch targeted politicians office in the northwestern city of russia killing six of his supporters another five were killed in the city of caught outside the headquarters of a local election candidate that follows a series of terrorist attacks and kharaj on saturday killed if all thirty four no one as has admitted to the attacks by the taliban recently threatened political parties that it sees as too circular. activism waiting for the british prime
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minister to decide on whether to grant asylum to afghan interpreters who worked with the u.k. forces during military operations this week sixty thousand supporters signed a petition managed by one of the interpreters he's been forced into hiding by the taliban who consider him an enemy collaborator and as our g.'s political career pours there are hundreds more like him. it was a dangerous job that required courage many of these translators were in the front line so they're working with soldiers risking their lives in exactly the same way soldiers do but while british forces withdraw the afghan interpreters who made their work possible are being left to fend for themselves because your group or. or you are all sent for those you have to be if i catch you then i would rafi worked at camp prince in the helmand province says he gets regular calls from the
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taliban some six hundred fifty interpreters just like rafi remain in afghanistan with no right to settle in the u.k. those times when you when you finish the job and you've done it very well there's a thank you the end of that job in this case it's a death threat it's a risk your life seen by this how about this having collaborated with the enemy and david the past year targeted killings of so-called international collaborators by the taliban have doubled r.t. got in touch with the foreign commonwealth office who are responsible for the interpreter's asylum claims this is the response we've got people who have put their life on the mine for the united kingdom will not be abandoned the government has put processes in place to ensure the service given by former interpreters with him forces is taken fully into account if individuals apply for asylum in the u k. the keyword here is individual for the moment it's
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a case by case basis according to the foreign office to make sure the personal circumstances are recognised case by case the sign of planes can take months even years there's no accountability every other nato country that directly employed interpreters has offered them some kind of special program visa program asylum britain's the only country that hasn't is still dragging its feet unless we will be involved in events overseas in the future at all military clearly will need to have people helping them but who is going to help our military if they realise that they're not going to help themselves senior military and political figures urging the people who work here in the u.k. foreign office to rethink the policy and the campaigns gaining momentum over sixty thousand people have signed an online petition urging the british foreign secretary to offer a bulk resettlement program while the politicians think it over and here the men that risked their lives to help british forces say that the waiting game is getting
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deadlier by the day we were helping the people but all they see is that reward with the aggression forces in afghanistan which are so-called the nato forces or ice of forces but to every other of the national. aggression forces and once they leave the people who are endangered and will pay for some wrongdoings of the americans who have been interpreters and their families. london. up ahead a look at the lives of rebel fighters in oil rich nigeria. the
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movie world war z. z. being first zombie which stars brad pitt as one hundred seventy five million dollar budget has been re cut by paramount executives not because this is probably yet another stupid violent zombie movie but because the chinese might get offended according to the wrap dot com china was supposed to take the blame for starting the evil zombie apocalypse this time but china becoming the largest foreign market for american movies made artistic integrity fly out the window to protect the bottom dollar as is tradition and hollywood this is not the first time that there has been pro-choice and he censorship in hollywood the remake of red dawn which was originally a cold war era a minstrel show against russians was supposed to show a chinese invasion of america this time however they have changed it to north koreans who can't even defeat the us military in south korea let alone at an away game in the usa the thing that is interesting is not the censorship is the fact
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that they will censor movies for whoever's got a lot of cash countries the big markets won't be offended but countries with small markets will this is a complete prostitute mentality show that love to any guy who's got bills in his palm you know i was always pretty sure there were a lot of prostitutes working in hollywood i didn't know they actually started making the movies but that's just my opinion.


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